Kusie Update: September/October 2023

Message to Constituents:

Dear Constituents of Calgary Midnapore,

As I write to you, I am watching in horror as unspeakable atrocities are taking place in Israel at the hands of the terrorist organization, Hamas. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Hamas attacked Israel, brutally killing over 1,000 Israelis and taking many hostages. Conservatives unequivocally condemn this invasion of Israel and the sadistic violence that Hamas has carried out against innocent civilians. Israel has the right to defend itself, and respond, against these attacks and Canada stands firm with our ally. My thoughts are with the families, and especially those Canadians, who have lost loved ones or who are waiting to hear whether they are safe. For those who are still in danger or being held hostage by Hamas terrorists, we must do everything we can to bring them home safely. There is no place for the glorification of terror in Canada (or anywhere else) and such acts must be denounced. Please see CPC Leader, Pierre Poilievre’s comments on this horrific situation here.

It’s difficult to comment on Canadian issues while we watch the conflict in Israel unfold but as your representative, it’s important for me to share an update on what is happening in Canada at the federal level.

This last month in the House of Commons has been wild. There’s no other way to put it.

On the first day of the Fall sitting, the Prime Minister rose in the House of Commons and stated that the government has “credible allegations” that the government of India was involved in the fatal shooting of a Canadian Sikh leader, Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Surrey, BC. This announcement sparked outrage in India as well as within the Indian diaspora in Canada, adding more tension to an already rocky relationship between our two countries. While these “credible allegations” are investigated further, trade talks have halted, India has suspended visa services to Canadian travelers, diplomats have been expelled from both countries, and an unsettling slew of videos have appeared online suggesting Indians in Canada should return home. Conservative Party Leader, Pierre Poilievre, has asked Justin Trudeau to come clean with all the facts so that Canadians can make their own judgement. Nearly a month has passed and Canadians are still waiting for more information.

Days later, MPs gathered in the House of Commons for a special address by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy – whose visit here was completely overshadowed by the government’s baffling decision to not only invite, but also officially recognize a 98-year-old Veteran named Yaroslav Hunka — who was later discovered by the media to have fought for the Nazis during the Second World War in the Waffen-SS Galicia Division. I was in Calgary for an event that evening so I was not in the House when Hunka received a standing ovation – but I can tell you, I am deeply disgusted and disturbed that the government refuses to take responsibility for this egregious error which brought shame upon Canada on an international scale. The Speaker of the House, Anthony Rota, was predictably thrown under the bus by his Leader and Liberal colleagues and resigned in the days following. After pressure from the Opposition, the Prime Minister eventually apologized on behalf of Parliamentarians — but took no accountability of his own. It was a truly despicable display.

Sickened by this entire event and feeling a responsibility to find out how it could have happened, I put forward a motion at the Government Operations Committee (OGGO), requesting six meetings take place during which the Committee would hear testimony from witnesses. Sadly, and in typical fashion, the Bloc, NDP, and Liberals worked against me and my Conservative colleagues to adjourn debate on the topic. You can learn more about this in the links and videos below. How the House of Commons and Canadians will ‘move on’ from this abhorrent event remains to be seen.

In terms of legislation, we are currently debating the Environment Minister’s ‘just transition’ Bill C-50 (Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act), Bill C-48 (An Act to amend the Criminal Code (bail reform)), Bill C-56 (An Act to amend the Excise Tax Act and the Competition Act AKA ‘The Affordable Housing and Groceries Act’) the CRTC’s shameful plans to censor podcasters, and more. You can watch these debates daily on ParlVu or CPAC.

You should have recently received a mailer regarding Natural Health Products (NHP’s), which contains a comment card. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on the Liberals’ plans to implement significant new fees on the import, manufacture, and sale of NHP’s as well as new labelling laws that will massively increase the cost of these products in Canada.

I appreciated some time with my family this past week and I hope you have as well. Considering the horrors happening around the world, we should hold our loved ones extra tight and remain thankful for our safety here in Canada.

As I return to Parliament, you can rest assured that I will continue fighting for you. For affordable food, safe streets, homes workers can afford, and for our personal freedoms. Thank you for putting your faith in me as your representative.


Stephanie Kusie

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The NDP/Liberal coalition has stated they will take the next steps to implement a National Pharmacare Plan – which is estimated to cost a minimum of $10.5 billion a year. Would you support another Trudeau increase on your taxes to fund this program? Let me know here.

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