Are the Liberals really committed to addressing bail reform?

Ministers Lametti and Mendicino announced new bail reform measures this past spring (Bill C-48) after weeks of news around a sharp increase in random violence as well as the deaths of 10 police officers in the line of duty since September 2022. (The legislation completed third reading in the House of Commons on September 18th and is now at the Committee stage in the Senate.)

However, their attempt at addressing this issue will continue to allow repeat, violent offenders to access easy bail.  Bill C-48 does not reverse their catch-and-release policies, which were implemented when C-75 received Royal Assent in 2019, and subsequently unleashed a wave of violent crime across the country.

As a result, our communities feel less safe and Canadians don’t feel at risk walking down the street or taking transit.

The fact is, the Trudeau government needs to fix the problem that they created by loosening Canada’s bail laws and C-48 will not do that. It will continue to allow repeat, violent offenders to access easy bail. For example, under this proposed bill, the accused killer of OPP Cst. Greg Pierzchala and countless other repeat, violent offenders would still have been released on bail.

When questioned at the Senate committee studying the bill on September 27th, even the Minister responsible couldn’t say how his bill would actually increase the safety of Canadians.

“I’m quite confident that’s going to have an impact,” [Minister] Virani said of the bill’s measures.  “Can I measure it for you now? I cannot.”

This is another example of the Liberals wanting Canadians to believe they are addressing critical issues, while not actually implementing any effective change.

Conservatives believe in jail, not bail for repeat violent offenders. A common-sense Conservative government will ensure that repeat violent offenders remain behind bars while awaiting trial and we will bring back mandatory jail time for serious violent crimes that were repealed by the Liberals. We will also repeal Justin Trudeau’s catch-and-release parole policy.