Kusie Update: February 2024

Message to constituents:

Stephanie Kusie stands up to speak in the Chamber / se lève pour parler en Chambre Ottawa, ONTARIO, on February 27, 2024. © HOC-CDC Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo Services

Dear Constituents of Calgary Midnapore,

I hope you are enjoying this lovely Spring weather and that you had a happy Valentines Day! I would like to give a special shout out to the students at Don Bosco School who helped create over 100 beautiful Valentines for the residents at Atria Canyon Meadows. My team had a great time handing them out to our cherished seniors, along with some sweet treats.

February was another action-packed month on Parliament Hill. In between stakeholder meetings, media interviews, Question Period, and debate in the House, I have been working hard on the committee level to expose the truth about ArriveSCAM – the now infamous government app that ballooned from 80K to $60M. Justin Trudeau’s latest scandal continues to unfold — and the more my Conservative colleagues and I dig into the numbers and the Liberals’ questionable relationship to GC Strategies (the two-person company running out of a basement that has received at least $100M in government contracts since 2015), the more the Liberals and NDP try to cover it up! In February, the Auditor General tabled her report on ArriveCAN and said the audit uncovered a “glaring disregard for basic management and contracting practices.” My Conservative colleagues and I will continue to press for the answers that Canadian taxpayers deserve.

We are not letting up on our fight against the carbon tax, either. A massive increase of 23% on gas, heat, and groceries is set to come into effect on April 1st. Trudeau is also increasing his tax on wine and spirits by 2%. Trudeau claims he “has Canadians’ backs” but actions speak much louder than words. Please consider adding your voice to this fight! Pierre Poilievre has some suggestions as to what you can do to help us axe the tax and spike the hike – let’s make sure the Prime Minister hears Canadians loud and clear!

I’ve received many calls, letters, emails regarding the Liberals’ controversial Bill C-63 (Online harms). Constituents are telling me they are seriously concerned about its contents — and so am I. My colleagues and I will be opposing it. The Official Opposition believes that we should criminalize and enforce laws against: sexually victimizing a child or revictimizing a survivor online; bullying a child online; inducing a child to harm themselves or inciting violence. Additionally, criminal bans on intimate content communicated without consent – including deepfakes – must be enforced and expanded. However, we do not believe that the government should be in charge of policing, banning and criminalizing opinions! Common sense Conservatives will protect our kids and punish criminals instead of creating more bureaucracy and censoring speech.

My latest mailer should be hitting your mailbox any day now. It’s a Tax Guide that I encourage you to review before filing your 2023 tax return. I hope it’s helpful!

I’m looking forward to returning to the House next week and you can rest assured I will continue to fight for our community and our shared values.

Yours sincerely,


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Due to excessive and reckless Liberal spending, Canada’s deficit is now over $40 billion and we are $2 TRILLION in debt. Inflation is at an all-time high and interest rates are soaring. Pierre Poilievre says a Conservative government will introduce new legislation that would force the federal government to find a dollar of savings to offset every dollar spent —  a “pay-as-you-go” approach to budgeting. 

Do you agree with the Conservative plan to tie every dollar of new spending with a dollar of savings?

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