MAID expansion put on pause… again.

Earlier this month, common sense prevailed and a planned expansion on MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) for the sole purpose of mental illness was deferred until March 2027, after the next federal election.

Justin Trudeau was forced to press pause after public pressure mounted to pause or scrap this dangerous expansion altogether.

Bill C-62, the Liberal government’s legislation to pause MAID on mental illness passed after support from every party except the Bloc Quebecois. The legislation follows the January 2024, Report of the Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying. This joint committee, which consisted of MPs and Senators from every party in Parliament, outlined two specific recommendations on the issue of MAID expansion:

Recommendation a) stated in part, “MAID where mental disorder is the sole underlying condition should not be made available in Canada.”

Stephanie and her Conservative colleagues have been clear in their opposition to MAID solely for individuals suffering from mental illness since this expansion was first mused by the government. Conservatives believe that those struggling most with their mental health deserve support and treatment, not death.

Bill C-62 follows on last year’s eleventh hour legislation from the Liberals and puts a temporary, one-year pause on expanding assisted suicide to those suffering with mental illness. Now, with this latest deferral the Liberals have paused this expansion for a total of five years and until after the next scheduled election. A Pierre Poilievre government will do what the Liberals seem incapable of doing and permanently halt the expansion of MAID to those solely suffering from mental illness.

Stephanie will continue to listen to mental health advocates, organizations and every Canadian that has been ignored by this current government and take their concerns regarding MAID — and any potential expansion– seriously.

This is life or death — and as a legislator, Stephanie recognizes the immense responsibility that she holds. She will continue to advocate for the voices of Canada’s most vulnerable and their loved ones to be heard.