Six minutes with the PBO

It took only six minutes at OGGO for the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) to confirm:

◼️ The Finance Minister failed to provide the PBO with complete information;

◼️ Her own projections were off by $6 BILLION;

◼️ Our deficit will be at least $46.5 BILLION this year;

◼️ Canada is spending more money than we are bringing in;

◼️ Spending will grow by at least $6 BILLION per year in order to finance new programs like dental and EV plants in Ontario; and

◼️ Even though reducing spending would lower our massive debt servicing costs and interest rates, resulting in lower taxes, the Liberals have failed to find savings (for example by modernizing systems like OAS, CPP, etc.) Disappointing, but not surprising.

Common sense Conservatives have been advocating for fiscal sensibility for eight years but clearly neither Justin Trudeau nor his Finance Minister have any plan to balance the budget or reduce the tax burden on Canadians. They’re just not worth the cost.