Rezoning in Calgary

Though it is a municipal matter, dozens of constituents across the riding wanted to ensure Stephanie is aware of their stance on the City of Calgary’s hotly debated proposed blanket rezoning for housing.

The input Stephanie received from individual residents as well as several of local Community Associations was overwhelmingly against the proposed changes.

Though she personally believes a plebiscite would have been the most efficient and effective way to ensure all citizens have a say, Stephanie was pleased to see so many Calgarians and residents of Calgary Midnapore participating in the public hearing, which was held over the course of two weeks. It was the largest public hearing in our city’s history, with 700+ speakers and over 6,000 written submissions.

The hearing has concluded and City Council will now digest what was said. On May 13th, Council will have the opportunity to pose questions to administration, introduce amendments, and then finally vote on whether or not to proceed with blanket rezoning.

There is no question that Calgarians need more housing options, however, in a democracy, sweeping changes such as rezoning ought to reflect the will of the taxpaying citizens.

Stephanie thanks all community members who took the time to share their views with her and encourages residents to reach out to their City Councillor should they have additional comments on this important matter.