RDSP Service Desk has re-opened!

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is the primary savings vehicle being used by parents and guardians of persons with disabilities. Canadian families depend on the RDSP for their family members and must have access to basic services offered through the 1-800 number in order to ensure their information is correct and that they receive the generous grants and matching grants being provided by the federal government during this exceptionally difficult time.

When my Conservative colleagues and I learned that the RDSP service desk’s toll-free phone number had completely shut down and that callers were being re-directed to their financial institutions for information, we immediately called for action. MP’s Tom Kmiec, Dan Albas, and I wrote to Minister Hussen and we also directly questioned him in our HUMA Committee meeting.

As a result of our advocacy and the pressure we duly applied as Members of the Official Opposition, the Liberal government has taken the necessary steps to correct this serious problem.


I am happy to report to you that the RDSP Service Desk’s toll-free number is open once again. If you are a family member of an individual with disabilities, you can call 1-866-204-0357 to speak to a representative who can assist you.

My Conservative colleagues and I will continue to hold the government to account, identify gaps, and contribute the best possible solutions for all Canadians.