Portfolio Update

McKinsey & Co. is back and the news, and the CBSA might go on strike!

McKinsey in Committee

McKinsey is back in the news this week, and Conservatives continue to expose Liberal procurement corruption.

The Procurement Ombudsman released his report a month ago that carefully detailed the favoritism in the $117 million paid to Liberal insiders, McKinsey & Company.

Former McKinsey Executive is a friend of Justin Trudeau, and he chaired the Liberal Advisory Council on Economic Growth in 2016. Shortly after this, McKinsey contracting skyrocketed.

This latest report revealed that a Liberal Minister personally signed off on a contract, despite the fact that her own officials challenged the request due to the lack of justification for the sole-sourced contract. The Liberals still refuse to admit there was political interference.

The Procurement Ombudsman has also stated that there was missing documentation across the board at discrete points during the procurement process — hinting towards a cover-up. This is further supported by the fact that an official sent an email stating they were happy to delete emails and documents to hide the fact they were redoing a process to favour McKinsey.

This ethically-challenged government is wasting billions of dollars in their corrupt procurement processes. After nine years, Canadians deserve a transparent procurement process that respects their tax dollars.

CBSA Strike Vote

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) workers are currently voting on a strike that will begin in May, allegedly due to toxic workplace culture and corrupt management, as well as an overreliance on outside contractors.

After two years of the Treasury Board refusing to properly negotiate with the union, this strike vote is happening at the exact time the CBSA was planning to release their latest contracted app, known as CARM.

Business leaders – and Conservatives – have been raising concerns that CARM is untested and not properly integrated into the systems of many importers and exporters. As a result of this pressure, CBSA has realized they need to delay the app’s release, at least until they sort through the current strike environment.