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Question Period / Période des questions 18 April Ottawa, ONTARIO, on 18 April, 2024. © HOC-CDC Credit: Christian Diotte, House of Commons Photo Services

Message to Constituents:

Dear Constituents of Calgary Midnapore,

The month of April started with a bang as Justin Trudeau increased the carbon tax from $65 per tonne to $80 per tonne, costing drivers an extra 3.3 cents per litre at the pump. This punitive tax also increased the price of more than 20 different fuel sources including gasoline, propane, diesel and natural gas. For months preceding the planned increase, the Conservative Party used every tool at our disposal to fight this tax scheme that is adding to the financial burden of Canadian families, including using opposition motions, forcing votes at House and Committee levels, and even pushing for a vote of non-confidence in the Prime Minister. Predictably, the NDP and Bloc supported increasing this ideologically driven tax, despite significant pressure from their constituents. Common sense Conservatives will continue to advocate against the carbon tax until we can overturn it ourselves once in government.

I certainly had my work cut out for me upon returning to Ottawa, as my Shadow Ministry (Treasury Board) was heating up in the news. As a result of Conservatives’ hard work on uncovering ArriveSCAM, Kristian Firth of GC Strategies was summoned to the House of Commons and admonished by the Speaker. After being compelled to answer questions from Parliamentarians as to his role in the government’s corrupt procurement of the now infamous failed ArriveCAN app, he refused to say he was ashamed. Unbelievable. Corruption within Trudeau’s procurement department doesn’t end there! You may have seen me calling out the blatant favouritism shown to McKinsey & Co., who have received over $100 million in federal contracts since Trudeau took office in 2015. This month, the Procurement Ombudsman tabled a report which shows the government is clearly giving their high-priced consultant friends every advantage when it comes to winning contacts – so I have been pressing this issue in Question Period and in Committee. I’m happy to report that a motion was just passed at OGGO calling on the Deputy Ministers and officials responsible to appear before Committee to answer for their appalling misuse of public funds.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland tabled Budget 2024 this month, which does not seem to have ‘landed’ with Canadians. Rather than outlining a way to balance the budget, her Party opted to pour $61 BILLION more on the inflationary fire. On top of that, this year, Canada will spend $54.1 BILLION just to service Trudeau’s debt. This is more than the federal health transfer!

There are just two more full months of Parliament remaining before the summer recess, and I expect the Liberals and their coalition partners, the NDP, to use every means possible to push through as much of their woke legislation as they can before the end of session. I assure you — I’m not taking my foot off the gas; I intend to hold them to account every step of the way.



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