Fall Economic Statement

After 8 years, it’s clearer than ever that Justin Trudeau is not worth the cost. His Fall Economic Statement (FES) tabled by the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland on November 21st does nothing to help Canadians.

Under Justin Trudeau, everyday Canadians have seen the cost of housing double, violent crime rise by 39%, a record of two million food bank visits in a single month, and tent cities pop up in nearly every major city. It’s clear that what he’s doing is not working.

This Fall Economic Statement is just one more example on a long list of this Liberal/NDP government’s failures. It announced $20 billion in new inflationary spending and revealed that in 2024 the government will spend more on servicing Justin Trudeau’s debt than on health care!

Canadians cannot afford this Liberal government any longer. Ahead of the Fall Economic Statement, Conservatives had three demands.

  1. That Justin Trudeau cancel his plans to quadruple the carbon tax.
  2. That this government announce both a plan and a date to balance the budget and bring down both inflation and interest rates.
  3. That they commit to building homes, not bureaucracy by supporting our Leader Pierre Poilievre’s Bill C-356.

The Liberals failed on all three of these demands.

When given the opportunity to make an actual difference for millions of Canadians they instead chose to create more bureaucracy and photo-ops.

Members of Parliament will now have an opportunity in the coming days to vote on this Fall Economic Statement. Stephanie, alongside her Conservative colleagues, will be voting against the FES — against a government that has added $20 billion dollars of new spending and a government that has continuously ignored the will of Canadians.

As the government is introducing new spending measures this will be a confidence vote. Trudeau’s coalition partner, the NDP, have an opportunity: they can either vote to end the pain that the Liberals have created, or, they can continue to prop up Justin Trudeau and his policies that have put over fifty percent of Canadians $200 dollars or less away from insolvency at the end of every month.

Unfortunately, it looks like the NDP will continue to ignore the growing affordability crisis, and vote with Justin Trudeau, just as they have on numerous confidence motions since this Parliament began in 2021.

Conservatives are the only party that stands with everyday Canadians and will vote against this Liberal Fall Economic Statement and the inflationary spiral they continue to push Canada’s economy into.