Dismissing the Will of Parliament

Corporate Communication, West Block for web site / Communication Corporative, Édifice de l’Ouest pour le site internet Ottawa, ONTARIO, on 18 February, 2019. © HOC-CDC, 2019 Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo Services

Justin Trudeau, and his Liberal government have once again ignored the will of Parliament as shown by their recent disregard to a Conservative Opposition Day Motion revolving Trudeau’s $60 million ArriveCAN app.

The ArriveCAN app has been under excessive scrutiny since the fall of 2022 as Stephanie and her Conservative colleagues on the Government Operations Committee (OGGO) have been conducting their study on the development and implementation of the application. As time has gone by, one thing is clear, the Liberal government held zero regard for Canadian taxpayers as they built and employed this app.

In mid-February, the Auditor General of Canada, Karen Hogan released a scathing report on the ArriveCAN application. Her audit revealed that the total cost of the application was a minimum of $59.5 million dollars. But that the exact figure was “impossible to determine” due to poor record-keeping by the government. Hogan also testified before the Public Accounts Committee that she was “deeply concerned by what the audit didn’t find.”

Conservatives were also ‘deeply concerned’ by the handling of this application by the Liberals and used our next available Opposition Day Motion, on February 27th to call upon the government to:

  1. Table, by March 18th, a report which details the complete direct and associated costs concerning the ArriveCAN app. Including all outside contractors, advertising, and costs associated with travelers which were wrongly quarantined by the app.
  2. And, within 100 days collect and recoup all funds paid to ArriveCAN contractors and subcontractors which did no actual work on the app.

The motion passed with the support of the Bloc Québécois and NDP, with all Liberal MPs voting against providing transparency and answers for Canadians on this boondoggle. However, March 18th has come and gone, and Trudeau has yet to provide any additional information pertaining to the ArriveCAN app to Parliament or Canadians.

By not complying with the will of Parliament and ignoring the dully passed Conservative motion, Trudeau has dismissed Parliament and showed once again what he truly thinks of the millions of Canadians that did not vote for him.

Stephanie, alongside her Conservative colleagues, will not stop in their search for the truth on this $60 million scandal and have asked the RCMP to expand their investigation into the handling of this app.

Conservatives will not allow Trudeau or his Liberal government to walk away from this scandal without consequence and will continue pushing for the truth.