Canada’s fiscal house in disarray

Earlier this month the Fraser Institute released a scathing report titled ’24 Facts for 2024’ which outlined a grim fiscal forecast for Canada. The report called out Justin Trudeau’s imprudent spending, massive deficits, damaging energy policies, and more.

The reality is that after eight years of Justin Trudeau Canada’s fiscal house has never been in worse condition, he’s ballooned government spending with massive overarching programs and put you on the hook to pay for them. This additional government spending has done one thing exceptionally well – raise Canada’s debt – which has now doubled under Justin Trudeau to $1.2 trillion dollars. That’s nearly $81,000 in public debt per household in our country.

It’s clear that this Liberal/NDP coalition has no plans to take Canada’s fiscal picture seriously and that our kids and grandkids will be on the hook for eight years of irresponsible and reckless spending by Justin Trudeau. The report also outlined a stunning number that shows the total tax bill for an average Canadian family accounted for 45.3% of their household income last year. That’s 10% more than necessities like clothing, food, and housing.

For a government that was originally elected on a promise to ‘deliver for the middle class and those working hard to join it’, they sure have failed. With debt over $1.2 trillion dollars and no plan in sight for a balanced budget, Canadians may just be at the beginning on a long road of economic downturn and financial hardships. Fortunately, common sense Conservatives have a plan to end wasteful government spending, reduce taxes, and bring home an end to this Liberal/NDP created cost of living crisis. Stephanie and her Conservative colleagues will continue to work tirelessly in the House of Commons to ease the financial burden Canadians are feeling under this current government.