Common Sense Conservatives announce legislation to remove Liberal regulations on Natural Health Products (NHPs)

Earlier this week, common sense Conservatives introduced Bill C-368 (An Act to amend the Food and Drugs Act (natural health products). The legislation would repeal sections 500 to 504 from the Liberal government’s Bill C-47.

These sections imposed additional regulations on NHPs, further limiting and restricting Canadians from being able to make their own medical and personal health choices. They imposed significant new fees on the import, manufacture, and sale of natural health products whilst simultaneously imposing new labelling laws that will massively increase the cost of all these products.

From day one Conservatives opposed C-47.

Unfortunately, we were the only party in the House of Commons to do so. The Liberals and their NDP coalition partners, along with the separatist Bloc Québécois and the Green Party caucus voted in favour of C-47. In doing so they voted to restrict the access of NHPs for all Canadians who use these products daily.

Conservatives have introduced Bill C-368 in hopes that the government and all other opposition parties in the House of Commons will reverse their reckless decision and repeal the relevant sections in Bill C-47.

In September, all households in Calgary Midnapore received a mailer from Stephanie outlining the Liberal plan to essentially ban NHPs from the shelfs in Canada and asking for their feedback. The results were extremely clear and over 80% of respondents agreed with the Conservative opposition to these new regulations.

Thank you to the hundreds of constituents that have taken the time to let Stephanie know how they feel about the new NHP regulations. She appreciates and reads each and every email, letter and comment.

Stephanie will proudly vote in favour of Bill C-368 and is hopeful Members of Parliament from every party will join Conservatives in support of this common sense legislation put forward by Alberta MP Blaine Calkins.

Conservatives will push back against this governmental overreach and protect the fundamental rights of Canadians to make their own health choices, free from undue interference from Ottawa.