Stephanie Kusie Press Release – NEB to Stay in Calgary

Please see my statement on the recent NEB developments.

For Immediate Release:

“Stephanie Kusie has been a consistent and outspoken advocate to keep jobs in Alberta, including keeping the National Energy Board in Calgary, despite the Liberal plan to move it to Ottawa.

Stephanie spoke in the House of Commons passionately on multiple occasions to keep the NEB where local decisions are made, right here in Calgary.

In addition to holding the Liberals to account, Stephanie was proud to sign a recent petition to keep the NEB Office in Calgary where several hundred Calgarians are employed.

While the latest news that Prime Minister Trudeau is now proposing to ‘maybe’ keep the NEB Offices in Calgary, it is vital that we continue our fight to ensure that Calgary and Albertan voices are heard and not forgotten when it comes to local decision making, jobs, and our natural resources.”