Some promising news regarding Natural Health Products (NHPs) and freedom of choice

Stephanie has been updating constituents regularly on the pending threat to the availability and cost of Natural Health Products.  As she explained in two mailings (Kusie Update: November 2023 – Stephanie Kusie ( and Natural Health Products Mailer – Stephanie Kusie (, she is very concerned about the impact the regulatory changes included in the Liberals’ Bill C-47 will have on this industry.

And, based on the emails and postcards she continues to receive from constituents, a great many residents of Calgary Midnapore are opposed to the changes also.

That is exactly why the Official Opposition brought forward Bill C-368 and Stephanie was very glad to see this Conservative legislation successfully pass Second Reading in the House of Commons recently.

As the Bill’s sponsor, MP Blaine Calkins, explained:

“Existing regulations on health supplements already keep Canadians safe. This new red tape [in C-47] is about giving more power to Ottawa, and not about protecting Canadians.

“In addition, Trudeau’s regulations would add even more costly changes on many small and medium sized businesses. Trudeau’s inflationary spending and carbon tax have taken a toll on Canadian businesses, these pointless regulations could force many already struggling businesses over the edge, destroying jobs and paycheques and giving consumers less choice.

“Common Sense Conservative Bill C-368 keeps Canadians safe and also reduces costly and pointless red tape, so that Canadians have choice and access to affordable natural health products. It is an effort to protect the fundamental rights of Canadians to make their own health choices without undue interference from the Liberal government in Ottawa.

“With the passage of Bill-368 to Committee, we are one step closer to ensuring that Canadians can continue to access the powders, vitamins, probiotics and supplements that they depend on daily.

Stephanie and the rest of the Official Opposition will keep working to see Bill C-368 achieve Royal Assent. Your support will help – you can view a list of MPs who voted against freedom of choice for Canadians here in case you wish to let them know of your stance on this issue.