New Immigration Exemption Process for Families (updated Nov 6th, 2020)

As a result of continued pressure by the Official Opposition, the Liberal government finally recognized the need to revise the definition of extended family, for those who have been separated from their loved ones for months by COVID-19.  However, not surprisingly, this delay added to the fact that some applicants have been resubmitting their applications, means that now the IRCC is understandably backlogged and the initial 14 business day response may be delayed somewhat.

Our office has been receiving many calls and emails requesting that we look into the status of these applications.  While we are always available to help, please note that we cannot do inquires on these applications as no means of tracking them has been established. If you have an existing application such as a spousal sponsorship, TRV request or a PR application already and have additionally used this exemption then we may be able to help you.  You will need to provide your Unique Client Identified (UCI) number.  Please provide this, along with your mailing address and a daytime phone number to