More Supports For Expectant Mothers

Over the past few weeks, my Conservative colleagues and I have formally communicated to Ministers Qualtrough and Hussen our concerns regarding the problems that pregnant women are experiencing with the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

​Despite the Liberal government’s promise that every Canadian will be supported during this pandemic, expectant mothers who applied for Employment Insurance after March 15, 2020, were not moved over from EI to the CERB system like everyone else to receive their benefits. This meant that, pregnant women had to receive EI and not CERB even if their child was not due for several months. This would have cut into their eligible maternity benefits and massively reduce the amount of time mothers would be eligible for benefits after their child is born.

This is unacceptable.

I along with my colleagues in the Official Opposition, have demanded the Liberal government take immediate action to rectify this matter so expectant mothers receive the benefits they are entitled to. Although Minister Qualtrough vowed yesterday to fix this serious problem, we are troubled by the fact that the government missed this important detail in the first place.

If you are among the women impacted by this please complete the form below to voice your concerns to Ministers Qualtrough and Hussen: