Kusie Update – June 2024

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Message to Constituents:

Stephanie Kusie stands up to speak in the Chambre during Question Period / se lève pour parler en Chambre durant la Période des questions Ottawa, ONTARIO, on June 3, 2024. © HOC-CDC Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo Services

Dear Constituents of Calgary Midnapore,

It’s been wonderful to return home after an exceptionally busy Parliamentary session. It was a long haul and tensions were high in the House of Commons – but we’ve come out the other side and I am proud of what my team and I have achieved. We uncovered the truth about Trudeau’s $60M ArriveSCAM and corrupt contracts with McKinsey, we pushed back on his job-killing tax hikes (including the punitive carbon tax), his attack on natural health products, ‘wacko’ drug and bail policies, and his utter failure to get homes built.

Every day as I entered the Commons, I was thinking about you. I was thinking about the seniors in our community who, despite doing everything right, are just scraping by; the single moms whose rents keep climbing, the young people who can’t afford a home of their own, and everyone struggling to afford gas and groceries. With their woke policies and inability to manage the public purse, this Liberal-NDP government has turned a once-great country into a shadow of its former self…but hope is on the horizon with Pierre Poilievre. Our Conservative team is laser focused on axing the tax, building the homes, fixing the budget, and stopping the crime – and we will be sharing our common sense plan with our constituents this summer.

Here’s a look back on some of the work I’ve been doing on your behalf:

Since returning to the riding, I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with residents in Lake Bonavista, Deer Run, Queensland, Chaparral, and Willow Park – and I am eager to see many more of you over the next few months.

If you saw my Member’s Statement in the House on the Calgary Stampede, you’ll know how excited I am for the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth to begin! Keep an eye out for me at Stampede Breakfasts and BBQs across the riding – and on the Parade route. I hope you and your families get out to enjoy some of the fun!

Congratulations to each of the 50 winners of my annual Canada Flag Draw! It warms my heart when I drive through the riding and see our flag being displayed proudly. Thank you to one of the winners, Cheryl, for sharing this photo (below) of her new flag!

Photo courtesy of Cheryl C.

You should have recently received two pieces of mail from me: a Seniors-focused booklet which contains lots of helpful information and resources, and a brochure detailing the nomination process for a King Charles III Coronation Medal. Please consider nominating a deserving constituent of Calgary Midnapore!

Thank you for participating in my monthly surveys. I appreciate hearing directly from you on these pressing issues. Please be sure to weigh in on this month’s question.

This will be the last Kusie Update until Parliament returns in the fall. My office remains available to assist you and, as always, we welcome your thoughts on federal policies and issues.

Wishing you a wonderful summer ahead!



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  • Axing the carbon tax
  • Fixing the budget
  • Getting energy projects approved and built
  • Building homes workers can afford

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