Carbon Tax Coverup!

The true cost of Justin Trudeau’s punishing carbon tax has finally been revealed. In May, it was reported that Yves Giroux, the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) was under a gag order by radical Liberal Environment Minister, Steven Guilbeault regarding a report that outlined the true cost of the carbon tax.

However, after Conservative pressure the government was forced to lift the gag order and reveal just how much their punishing carbon tax will cost Canadian families by 2030.

The cost?

$30.5 BILLION – that means an average Canadian family will be on the hook for $1,824 in additional carbon tax costs by 2030.

Nearly two-thousand dollars more than they will already be paying in the carbon tax – a tax, Trudeau wants to raise to $170/tonne, or 61 cents per litre of gas by 2030.

After nine years of this Liberal-NDP coalition government, Canadians can no longer afford what once were basic necessities. In 2023, over 1.5 million Canadians lined up at food banks, a number which is expected to rise by over 500,000 in 2024.

Families in our riding of Calgary Midnapore have seen the energy industry destroyed and belittled at every opportunity, leaving our city and country less prosperous.

Common Sense Conservatives will axe the carbon tax and bring home a government that will live within its means, so that Canadians can prosper once again.