2020 Canada Summer Jobs – application period is now open!


Stephanie wants to ensure businesses and organizations in Calgary Midnapore are aware they can start the application process for this year’s Canada Summer Jobs Program. The call for applications is very late this year as a result of delays caused by the Liberal government. As a result, instead of the usual 35-40 day window, those interested in applying have only 25 days to submit their applications. Information on the program and the application process can be found online.

The Liberals have added two new priorities to the previous five national ones: (organizations that protect the environment and provide services to persons with disabilities), while two from the previous year have been removed (organizations that give experience in the skilled trades and provide services to seniors).

Stephanie is concerned that her constituents will be negatively affected not only due to the shortened application process, but also by the narrowed focus for applicants this year which puts organizations, including those that support our seniors and tradespeople, at a disadvantage when applying for funding. If you have feedback on how the changes have affected your organization, please let Stephanie know.